Fight The Cell Tower


People residing near cell towers have no control over the radiation levels they are exposed to in their homes. Cell towers emit radiation 24x7x365, constantly exposing anyone nearby. Although Telco carriers argue that tower emissions are safe, the true measure for an individual is total exposure to radiation from all sources, home/office wifi, cellphones, home appliances, etc., not a single source such as a cell tower.

Excerpts from the Journal of the San Francisco Medical Association

What About the Cell Towers in Neighborhoods?
It is worrisome that the installation of antennas go up in neighborhood locations, near schools, churches and homes. These wireless antennas expose people to involuntary, chronic RFR. Low levels of RFR, which have been shown to be bioactive, are associated with changes in cell proliferation and DNA damage. Unfortunatly, local agencies are prevented from considering RFR health and safety issues in siting/zoning. The FCC is in charge of RFR; the current FCC standard is 1000 µW/cm2. But some scientific studies show adverse health effects reported in the 0.01 to 100 µW/cm2 range (far lower). Other countries limit public exposure to 0.1 µW/cm2 in recognition of bioeffects and potential adverse health effects of nonthermal RFR exposure (Salzburg).

What Are Scientists and Public Policy Researchers Saying About RFR?

The Vienna Resolution (October 1998) provided a consensus statement signed by 16 of the world's leading bioelectromagnetics researchers. It says there is scientific agreement that biological effects from low intensity RF exposures are established. It also says that existing scientific knowledge is inadequate to set reliable exposure standards. That means, no safe exposure can be established. It also urges that there be public participation in making decisions about setting limits and advises that technical information be made available for comparison of EMF exposure in communication devices so that users can make informed decisions for prudent avoidance of EMF.


sprint performs crane test - no notice provided to neighbors

Location puts tower up against neighbor's fence

The neighbors along Califon and Middle Valley Roads were surprised to see a large crane on the Centenary property on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving at 8AM. Although residents were told they would be notified of the test to see the height and location of the proposed tower, no such notification was issued. A Sprint representative verified the test was to determine cellular coverage. The first photo shows the view from Califon Road. The crane is at a height of 150 feet, not the full 171 feet being proposed. The tower may require a continuously flashing red beacon on top for aircraft. The FAA has not yet made that determination. The second photo shows the view from the backyard of one unfortunate neighbor. The tower would be just over their fence/property line.

Crane at 150 feet. Proposed tower would be another 21 feet higher.                                   Tower placement would be up against neighbor's fence.